Unocode 399 Plus

The Unocode 399 Plus is a high volume cutting electronic code machine for edge cut keys.  It has been designed specifically for security professionals or those who cut large volumes of keys.


Unocode 399 Plus lateral
Unocode 399 Plus lateral

The unocode 399 plus is a compact electronic code cutting machine for large quantities of edge cut cylinder keys.

Optional accessories are available including an automatic feeder, stacker and sorter.  Feeder plates are specific to each different key head, vacuum system, and rotating clamp for third axis or angled cuts.

This model is available by special order; 230V.


  • Four-sided, nickel plated clamp with quick-release systemfor easier rotation
  • Key cutting by direct code (Stand-alone / PC mode)
  • Key cutting by indirect code (PC Mode)
  • Code Maker available in Stand-alone and PC mode (data card creation/editing)
  • Copy and manually adjust data cards
  • Manage job queues
  • Create customized archives and favorite card lists
  • Database with all Silca data cards

Technical Data

Power Supply: 230V-50Hz, Rated Current 1.1 Amp

Motor: .32 HP, single phase, 1700 rpm

Cutter: D734910ZB U01W Carbide


Width: 19.7" (500 mm)

Depth: 27.6" (700 mm)

Height: 27.6” (700 mm)

Weight: 112.4 lbs. (51 kg)