Universal II

The ultimate “card type” code machine for originating commercial/residential and automotive keys.


Universal II
Universal II

Simply insert the code card for the intended lock application into the machine. Create the desired cuts by rotating the machine’s depth and spacing cranks and remove the key. Changing to another manufacturer or application is as easy as changing the card and cutting a new key.

Code cards are identified by both lock manufacturer and Ilco card number. Easy-to-use, informative cards include space and depth markings, tables, correct cutter, vise jaw position, key gaging method, and correct key blank.


  • Utilizes code cards, allowing the operator to change the machine setup quickly and add new applications at minimal cost.
  • Easy view code card design enhances accuracy and speed.
  • Superior dial depth adjustment system provides quicker, more precise calibration.
  • Flapper style” key blank alignment gage ensures accurate, level key placement.
  • Titanium nitride coating provides extra long cutter life.
  • Quick rate depth and spacing drive shafts speed up the key cutting process.
  • Up-to-date card selection covers current key applications.
  • Tilting cutter head for making angled cuts on Medeco® keys and similar types.
  • Capacitor start motor enables use with 12 volt DC power inverters.
  • Durable powder coat finish.

Technical Data


Motor: 110 V, 3.5 Amps Standard
Cutter: TCW-14MC and TCW1011MC; Standard
Dimensions: 12” W x 14” D x 10” H (30.5 cm x 35.6 cm x 25.45 cm) Weight: 37.5 lbs. (17.04 kg

Included Accessories

  • Code Cards: 112 Commercial/Residential/ Automotive code cards/8 micrometer cards
  • Binder with code card holders
  • Standard and U-shaped tip stops
  • Steel stabilizer shim
  • T14MC and TCW-1011 cutters
  • Tools to change cutters and adjust machine

Optional Accessories


TCW-90MC 90º Angle; special cutter for most IC Core applications
TCW-47MC 87º Angle; required for some automotive applications
TCW-20FM 76º Angle; for Sargent® Keys
TCW-1012 86°; special cutter for cutting Medeco® highsecurity keys
TCW-1014 Special cutter designed with .080” flat allows for one-step cutting of Weiser, Kwikset, andWeslock keys used with original pins

Vise Jaws:

MCM-SPJ1 Special vise jaw designed forcutting Schlage Primus® and Quad Series keys
MCM-MJ1 Special vise jaw designed for cutting Medeco®level one Commercial keys
MCM-PKS1 Special vise jaw designed for cutting Peaks® keys with .150” spacings

Various supplemental code cards are available
New items added as they become available